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Teen Council
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Fall Classes
Mon 9/17/18 6:30PM Ibsen Scene Study with Mary Beth Fisher (Adult)
Mon 9/17/18 6:30PM Advanced Acting (Adult)
Mon 9/17/18 7:00PM On Camera Acting Level 2 (Adult)
Mon 9/17/18 7:00PM Stage Combat/Acting Violence: Single Rapier (Adult/Teen)
Mon 9/17/18 7:00PM Beginning Voice-over Acting (Adult)
Mon 9/17/18 7:00PM Beginning Acting-Mondays (Adult)
Tue 9/18/18 7:00PM Beginning/Intermediate Improvisation (Adult)
Tue 9/18/18 7:00PM Intermediate Acting (Adult)
Tue 9/18/18 7:00PM Playwriting (Adult)
Tue 9/18/18 7:00PM Directing: Full Production Conceptualization (Adult)
Tue 9/18/18 7:00PM Alexander Technique & Re-embody Method (Adult)
Wed 9/19/18 7:00PM Voice for Performance: On the Stage and in Daily Life (Adult)
Wed 9/19/18 7:00PM Intermediate/Advanced Acting (Adult)
Wed 9/19/18 7:00PM Improvisation Performance Lab (Adult)
Wed 9/19/18 7:00PM Professional Voice-over Acting (Adult)
Thu 9/20/18 7:00PM Theatre of the Oppressed (Adult)
Thu 9/20/18 7:00PM Inhabiting Shakespeare: Intermediate/Advanced (Adult)
Thu 9/20/18 7:00PM Solo Performance (Adult)
Mon 9/24/18 4:30PM Acting Intensive Level 2 (gr. 9-12) (Teen)
Mon 9/24/18 4:30PM Acting Intensive (September) (gr. 6-8) (Youth)
Tue 9/25/18 4:00PM Musical Theatre Scene Study: Mary Poppins (gr. 6-8) (Youth)
Wed 9/26/18 4:30PM On Camera Acting (gr. 9-12) (Teen)
Thu 9/27/18 4:00PM Musical Theatre Scene Study: Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson (gr. 9-12) (Teen)
Thu 9/27/18 4:30PM Improvisation (gr. 6-8) (Youth)
Sat 9/29/18 9:00AM Vocal Workshop: Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast (gr. 3-5) (Youth)
Sat 9/29/18 10:30AM Play Creation: Percy Jackson & the Olympians (gr. 4-6) (Youth)
Sat 9/29/18 10:30AM On-Camera Acting Level 1 (Adult)
Sat 9/29/18 12:30PM Beginning Acting-Saturdays (Adult)
Sat 9/29/18 2:30PM Beginning/Intermediate Improvisation-Saturdays (Adult)
Thu 10/4/18 7:00PM Advanced Improvisation (Adult)
Sat 10/6/18 9:00AM Superheroes/Sheroes (gr. 2-3) (Youth)
Sat 10/6/18 1:00PM The Method & the Clown (Adult)
Mon 10/8/18 6:30PM Intermediate/Advanced Acting: Meisner Technique (Adult)
Wed 10/17/18 7:00PM The Art of Auditioning (Adult)
Mon 10/22/18 7:00PM Acting Shakespeare (Adult)
Tue 10/23/18 7:00PM Dialects & Accents for Improvisers and Actors (Adult)
Thu 10/25/18 7:00PM TAP Dance (Adult)
Thu 10/25/18 7:00PM The Art of Business Improv (Adult)
Sat 10/27/18 12:30PM Theatre of the Oppressed: Mindfulness, Meditation, & Liberation (Adult)
Mon 10/29/18 4:30PM Acting Intensive (October) (gr.6-8) (Youth)
Mon 10/29/18 4:30PM Acting Intensive Level 1 (gr. 9-12) (Teen)
Mon 10/29/18 4:30PM Improvisation (gr. 9-12) (Teen)
Wed 10/31/18 7:00PM Creating Characters for Voice-over Acting (Adult)
Sat 11/3/18 1:00PM Epic Theatre: Devising from Mythology for Ensemble Creation (Adult)
Sat 11/3/18 1:00PM Lessons of the Mask (Adult)
Sat 12/1/18 1:00PM Actor/Poet/Clown (Adult)

Daytime Classes
Tue 9/25/18 2:00PM Beginning/Intermediate Acting (Adult)
Thu 10/4/18 1:30PM Physical Theatre- The Funny Bone Series (Adult)
Wed 10/17/18 2:00PM Script Anlaysis (Adult)



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School of Theatre
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