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Spring Classes
Viewpoints & Presence (Adult)
Intermediate/Advanced Voice-over Acting (Adult)
Beginning Acting-Monday (Adult)
Intermediate/Advanced Improvisation (Adult)
Dialects & Accents for Improvisers and Actors (Adult)
Playwriting (Adult)
Improvisation Performance Lab (Adult)
Intermediate Acting (Adult)
Int./Adv. Acting: Contemporary Poetic Texts in Performance (Adult)
Producer's Lab-For Actors, Directors, and Writers (Adult)
On-Camera Acting Level 1 (Adult)
Advanced Acting (Adult)
Text Work for the Actor (Adult)
Stage Combat: Rapier & Dagger (Teen/Adult)
The Art of Audition: Prep for College and High School (gr. 8-12) (Teen)
Voice for Performance (Adult)
Musical Theatre Scene Study: Spring Awakening (gr. 8-12) (Teen)
Improvisation (gr. 6-8) (Youth)
Beginning Improvisation-Thursdays (Adult)
Musical Theatre Scene Study: Urinetown (gr. 5-8) (Youth)
Acting Intensive-Spring Training (gr. 7-10) (Youth/Teen)
Performance Workshop: Potter Plays (gr. 3-5) (Youth)
Play Creation: Shadow Puppetry (gr. 2-3) (Youth)
Circus Skills for the Stage (gr. 4-5) (Youth)
Improvisation (gr. 9-12) (Teen)
Beginning Acting-Saturday (Adult)
Advanced Voice-over Acting (Adult)
Int./Adv. Theatre of the Opppressed: "Rehearsal for Revolution" (Adult)
Beginning Improvisation-Saturday (Adult)
Alexander Technique for Mind/Body Balance (Adult)
Acting Shakespeare (Adult)
Stage Combat: Unarmed (Teen/Adult)
Singing for Improvisers & Actors (Adult)
Improv for the Professional (Adult)
The Art of Auditioning (Adult)

Teen Council
Theatre Scene: Needles & Opium
Theatre Scene: Phedre

Summer Intensive
Summer Intensive Session 1-Middle School (June 19-July 14, 2017)
Summer Intensive Session 2-High School (July 18-August 11, 2017)

Filmmaking and Acting Intensive
Filmmaking and Acting Intensive